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ripple audio update

A day of tutorials and we start by catching up with Ripple Training's latest. In this new set of lessons, Steve Martin looks at audio editing within Final Cut Pro X. 20% off coupon code too!

We have said it before, there are many free and commercial tutorials out there about how to edit and improve video, but not many for audio. Sound is just as important as the pictures and sometimes it doesn't get the care it should.

In this new $79 set of tutorials called Sound Editing in Final Cut Pro X, Steve Martin spends 2 hours and 16 minutes showing editors how to create a high quality soundtrack. He runs through the functions you need to know such as parametric equalisation, compression and surround sound. The tutorial covers FCPX 10.01 to 10.1.3.

The good news is that there is also a coupon code. By using SE20, you will get 20% off until October the 29th.

As some of the techniques in this tutorial fall into the advanced bracket, if you are new to Final Cut Pro X then Steve suggests that going through the Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X  set of tutorials first would be a good idea.

As always, Steve has posted a few extracts from the series so you can see (or indeed hear!) the level of tuition in the tutorials.


Mixing Audio Correctly to Avoid Clipping


Using the Reference Waveform to Analyze Hidden Data


Using the Reference Waveform to Analyze Hidden Data


Using the Parametric EQ to Isolate Noise


Evening Out the Dynamic Range in Audio


Evening Out the Dynamic Range in Audio


Altering Audio with Effects



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