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To publicise Michael Wohl's new Film Craft courses, macProVideo are running a contest where the prizes add up to over $10,000. Not bad for just answering a few questions in a survey.

If you don't know who Michael is, you should. He was right there at the start, many years back designing Final Cut, or Key Grip as it was called then. (Would be we using KGPX if things hadn't been renamed?) He's also written many of the official Apple learning resources over the period of FCP's life.

Michael has now released a set of five Film Craft courses that spread across the range of skills needed in film making, not just editing. They include Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Production Sound Recording, and of course, the Editing. They are $24.50 each with a discount for the set, or by subscribing to the MacProVideo site for a $25 fee per month, you will get access to all five and all the others in their catalogue of 750 tutorials. Herbie Hancock loves their audio tutorials!

Here is an example from The Director set. Not many tutorials mention being naked in a tree.


macProVideo’s Founder and CEO Martin Sitter said, “We gave Michael cart blanche to create his ultimate Filmmaking Manifesto. And he nailed it by treating this series like an actual Hollywood production – from sound stages and green screens, to professional actors and multi-camera shoots, this series not only shows you how to make incredible films, it puts that theory to the test throughout the actual production itself! The result is an incredibly engaging series that is half education, half documentary, and 100% entertainment.”

On to the subject of how to get your hands on that filmmaking gear. All you have to do is take part in the Film Craft Launch Contest that macProVideo has organised. Just answer 15 questions and you'll have the opportunity of winning a set of prizes from Adobe, Avid, GoPro, RØDE, iZotope, Red Giant, sE Electronics, Telestream, Waves, and of course AskVideo. The closing date for entries is 11.59pm, PST on October 29, 2014.




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