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Yes this is a site about Final Cut Pro, but we think this sneaks in on merit of inspiration, entertainment and humour. The video is going viral, so grab a coffee and enjoy.

Many thanks to the guys over at Video Copilot for sending us a link to the video. We started watching it to get a flavour but were hooked by Andrew's presentation skills and humour. There's also a slightly unexpected twist at the end.

Andrew's presentation was the keynote speech at the After Effects World Conference 2014.  He starts right at the beginning from when his father brought an early Mac home, right up to the point of J.J. Abrams phoning him up to ask him if he would like to make the opening credits for Star Trek.

All great stuff and there are a lot of lessons to be learnt from his speech, especially the tips on how not to waste time! 

The video has had nearly 30,000 views since it was published, so no doubt it will also spring up on every editing and VFX website out there. It should, it is worth it.




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