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server update fcpdotco

Over the last couple of months you might have noticed things slowing down slightly here on FCP.co. Due to the site's popularity and daily growing traffic, we had far outgrown our previous dedicated server. Monday morning sees us back on a bigger, better & faster machine.

Of course we love the site being popular, it was launched as we felt there wasn't a website that catered for FCP users and the success has reflected that. The downside is having to upgrade to accommodate the traffic, this will be our third major upgrade in under two years.

So over the weekend we moved servers which has not only made the site very zippy, but it's also given us a lot more room for further growth. 

For you server geeks out there we are now on a 2U Dual Quad Core CPU unit with a RAID10 SAS array using 300GB 15K drives. Or in other words, pretty dam fast and yes it is located in one of those sexy black racks in the picture above.

One downside, there was a slight pause in the migration of data and the actual transition over to the new server. We think a few forum posts and new registrations have not made the move. Please feel free to repost or re-register, we did try to keep the disturbance down to a minimum.

Hopefully our new machine will give us the power to keep on serving the growing FCP community!

Picture courtesy of our host Rochen.