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This landed in our in box this morning. Although nothing to do with FCP, it looked so awesome we thought we would post this beast of a 3D camera as news.

Looking like something that the Army might use, the Meduza MK1 will be shown at this years IBC later this week. The MK1 is the deliverable version of the prototype first seen at NAB in April.

From the outset, The Meduza has been designed as an evolving professional S3D imaging tool,”  “The Meduza MK1 represents the first giant step forward in performance and flexibility in shooting S3D.  With its rugged ‘utility look,’ the Meduza MK 1 has been referred to by many as the new ‘Mean Machine.’” says Chris Carey CEO of UK tech startup 3D Visual Enterprises.

Rather than have two cameras side by side or above each other using mirrors, the Meduza features the two sensors in one body with one set of electronics controlling both. On the subject of control, you can control the camera via an iPad or Android app.

"From Aerospace and medicine to military and robotics, the Meduza’s impact has enormous potential with its game changing modular design. Easier, faster and cheaper to produce 3D content, the camera enables filmmakers to shoot HD at 160 fps in one configuration, in 2K at over 100 fps in another configuration and 4K at 60 fps in another. 2012 sensor set ups will take the camera beyond 4K in both 16 x 9 and 4 x 3 formats bringing Giant Screen and super hi resolution within reach of every 3D film maker. Much higher frame rates are promised once the data back system is completed."

This thing isn't cheap though, but then again two lots of everything isn't inexpensive either. The body can be leased for $27,500 pa on a four year contract.

Also announced at IBC will be the Delta 4K S3D Meduza optics, designed to be used with the Meduza MK1.

"The first built for purpose, matched pair, 3D lenses, designed by Kenji Suematsu, the Delta series lenses are built to deliver super high precision, not only in the glass, but also in the motorized focus and iris controls specifically developed to meet the challenges of precision needed both for 3D and for 4K cinematography. These lenses are not only uniquely optically matched and sold in pairs, but each lens has been constructed to fit into a compact 38mm wide mechanical barrel to allow for very close inter-axial positioning that is critical to S3D."

We will be taking a look a the Meduza MK1 on stand 9.A40 when we visit IBC later this week.

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