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TOPIC: Need an advice

Need an advice 17 Apr 2019 12:11 #99686

  • DaveMoore
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Hey all,

Does someone know if it's possible to create favorites on a clip from a list of TC ins & outs someone typed in a spreadsheet?
Is there any XML tool doing just that?

Thanks !
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Need an advice 19 Apr 2019 09:30 #99729

  • esp
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Could use the Cut Notes free app “Marker Import” (from Digital Rebellion) to at least add markers at start and end points, eg a To-Do for the start and a Standard for the end.

It takes a list/table/spreadsheet of markers by timecode, in tab-separated format (text file) then adds them to sequence-Project. Beforehand you export XML for the relevant seqProject, the app takes that and updates it, then opens it in FCPX. The text file should have .txt extension.

Just format the data as below e.g. in a spreadsheet then export in tab-separated format (not CSV). Apple Numbers can’t do that but workaround is copy table then paste into TextEdit then save.

Format for the tab-step file:
Name Type Marker Name Comment Start Duration Color
Sequence 1 Sequence Mark 01:00:03:09 00:00:00:00 Red
Sequence 1 Sequence Mark 01:00:09:03 00:00:00:00 Red

The 1st 2 columns are always the same value.
Name is same as marker name in FCPX
Duration is always zero (FCPX markers don’t have ranges) - as far as I know

Color determines marker type:
  • Red = To-Do
  • Orange = Chapter
  • Blue = Standard
I only learnt about this format yesterday, by experimenting. I have no affiliation to the makers/suppliers of this handy little app. In another post I explain how to use it for copying sets of markers from one FCPX clip to another (and why one would want to do that). It was in that context that I learnt about the app’s data format.

As a (slightly) “bigger picture” aside, it would be possible to set up FAV-STARTand FAV-END (etc.) buttons in Cut Notes itself then on an iPad review a QuickTime (say) of the seqProject then save out the markers-list/table from here (which will of course be in the appropriate data format for Marker Import app.
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