August tutorials fcpx

Is it our misguided impression, or are there more cracking tutorials out there for Final Cut Pro X than any other NLE? True or not, we thought we would list some good ones from the last few days.

On another note as well, we have seen a huge surge in videos uploaded to sharing sites with the FCPX tag attached. Not an accurate dipstick of NLE usage, but it is interesting to see how far ranging across topics FCPX has become.

Back to the tutorials and let's start off with this seven minute look at consolidation within FCPX 10.1.2. Dustin Hoye made this short tutorial to help his staff when sharing projects but published the video to help others. If his name rings a bell, Dustin wrote one of the first articles about using FCPX in a broadcast environment, which is still a great read!

Using FCPX on Long Format Broadcast Productions



Ever had a corrupt or missing frame in a sequence or timelapse for example? Christoph Malin has come up with a solution to the problem - using Optical Flow to correct corrupt frames.

This set us thinking, rather than use timlapses, this could be used as a morph transition between stills in FCPX. Just a word of warning, before everybody rushes out to build a morphing plugin such as 'PROMORPH' (sorry), Motion won't let you do it. We have tried and we have cried!



Finally, how could we leave out Steve Martin. Episode three of his series Final Cut Pro X in under 10 minutes looks at how to remove unwanted sound with surgical precision.