finding export macbreak studio

Sometimes some of the best tips are the simplest and this is one of them. Did you know that your exported Final Cut Pro X movies are searchable by their tags in Spotlight?

What happens when you export a movie out of FCPX but forget the destination that you set? In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer how a Spotlight search can show up all movies that have the search term in the stored metadata of the file. Very clever, very useful and we are sure there are a lot of editors out there who didn't realise that this was possible.

They also go through the process of how to add custom metadata to a project before the actual export happens, so you don't have to enter it when uploading to a video sharing site. 

As always some great tips from the guys. We would like to add our rather lo-fi way of finding out where an export went. We just go through the export process again until the saving screen comes back up, then quit! The MacBreak studio method is a lot more elegant.

To see more advice from Steve on Final Cut Pro X, head over to the Ripple Training website where they have a large range of tutorials from beginner to advanced level.