bigger timecode remove effects fcpx

A couple of great tips from our Forum. Get a bigger timecode window with FCPX and also an application to enable, disable and remove effects.

unlimited filters

Unlimited Filters from Picture Instruments allows a user to build looks in Photoshop and then take the LUT grades and apply them in FCPX, Adobe's Premiere Pro and After Effects.

apps update march

A new plugin from Digital Anarchy for removing flicker, X2Pro from Marquis gets an update, as does Library Manager from Arctic Whiteness. We do a quick roundup of FCPX news.

stress test Mac Pro FCPX

The brief was simple, push the new Mac Pro and FCPX to the limit. Never mind 4k or 8K, we went large on everything until things broke. Alex Gollner and Peter Wiggins perform the ultimate stress test.

coremelt NAB FCPX

You can tell NAB is not far away as the press releases have started to roll in. Roger Bolton from Coremelt will be there and he's promising some exciting new features for Track X and Slice X. He's very confident you'll be impressed.

brother sister fcpx

A few months ago, we posted a story about the short film 'Brother Sister.' Shot on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and post produced in Final Cut Pro X, we now can publish the finished production.

fcpx cheat sheet

No such thing as a free lunch? Maybe this time that old saying isn't true, as Matteo Curcio has published a free FCPX shortcut cheat sheet to download.

invisible peak fcpx

The Invisible Peak is a superb short film about the history of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County in the North San Francisco Bay Area. Shot and edited by Gary Yost, he has very kindly put together a very detailed description of how the film was shot using stunning time lapses and of course how it was all put together in Final Cut Pro X.

Red giant universe FCPX

After a great tease video, the news is out. Universe from Red Giant is a new system for building plugins for multiple hosts on OSX and Windows machines. It's community driven and a variety of subscription plans gets you access to a growing library of effects.


An excellent Final Cut Pro X user story from Jonathan Gilbert at Anchour. He produces some cracking pictures from his Canon 5D MkIII using a Raw workflow which end up in FCPX.

red giant universe

Probably the shortest post on ever! The pre NAB news may have started already!  Red Giant has teased us with a video about Universe.

fcpworks event 2

We publish the next there videos from the recent FCPWORKS event. Rune Hansen (Azteca case study,) Alex Grossman from Stornext and Daniel Tapie from Softron are all up on the stage.

Final cut library manager

A new $6 application that we are rather excited about. Final Cut Library Manager not only lets you catalog libraries across drives, it also lets you free up space by deleting unwanted files safely.