march fcpx plugin roundup

It has been a while since we did a Final Cut Pro X plugin roundup, so let's get cracking with a look at the new and updated products that have been released over the last few of weeks.

The first plugin isn't new, it is an update. Idustrial Revolution's $49 Tech Transitions was the first Motion based product to use Noise Industries' FxFactory for distribution. 3 years on and the plugin has had a healthy update of 14 new effects. Those coupled with a previous incremental update means that the plugin has now over 50% more effects than when it was released. It is a free upgrade for all users.

The demo video showing the 14 new effects added.

We like the temporal plugins as these seem to be unique in a very saturated plugin market. The plugin is distributed by FxFactory so there is a free watermarked trial available and a set of tutorial videos. Tutorial V1 & Tutorial V2.

The original demo video from the release showing the 28 transitions included.


The third party colour correction plugin market is again hotting up. Although not a corrector, Hawaii Analyzer is a $49 plugin that looks at colours in a lot more depth than the standard built-in waveform monitors and vectorscopes. 

It looks to have the tools to sample an image right down to the pixel level and a clever 'skin tolerance' graph allowing the fine tuning of colours to get folks looking the right hue. (And possibly dresses!)

The plugin was built using Quartz Composer, so it will work in FCPX, Motion and Adobe's Premiere Pro and After Effects. The is also a free watermarked trial.


Red Giant has been busy adding updates to Red Giant Universe, their subscription based cross-platform suite of plugins.


There are four new tools in the Premium pack.

Knoll Light Transition: This transition uses animated Knoll Light Factory flares, complete with 20 unique presets to quickly move users from shot to shot. It also includes control over brightness, angle and edge feathering and a choice of a dissolve or linear wipe transition.

Picture in Picture: Easily composite and frame one layer of footage over a larger layer with Picture in Picture. The effect includes the ability to add and customize a colored border and drop shadow.

Texturize: This effect allows users to quickly give footage a Walking Dead-style grungy textured treatment. Texturize’s seamless tiling textures make it easy to animate and bring life (or death) to any video or still imagery.

ToonIt Thermal: Give footage a simulated look and color scheme of thermal imaging systems with this new effect.


And four new effects for free!

Magnetic Displace: This new transition pushes away or pulls in footage from a center point, distorting the footage in a circular shape. It also includes controls for direction and center point.

Soft Edge Wipe: A linear wipe transition with an adjustable feathered edge, this effect is used for transitioning between two layers of footage using a subtle blend. It includes angle control and the ability to add a colored stroke as a part of the transition.

Elliptical Distortion: This effect warps footage spherically, with aspect controls for elliptical options. The cropping and wrap features allow users to isolate and seamlessly warp specific footage areas. The effect also includes 3D lighting controls.

Compare Frames: This utility plug-in splits the screen into two layers of footage, placing them side-by-side. Controls include various blend modes for each layer and an option for feathering the dividing boundary for a softer edge. It also includes blending mode options and the ability to swap the views for better comparison.


Basic membership for Universe is free, but there are three other paid plans:

Premium Monthly: $10
Premium Yearly: $99
Premium Lifetime: $399


In true Monty Python mode, we can say "And now for something completely different!" Emoji Pop from Stupid Raisins is a $49 pack of animated emotive icons. These customisable icons are a humorous way of getting a message over. Distributed by FxFactory, there is a free watermarked trial.


And finally (to keep the TV quotations active) also from the FxFactory stable is Lens Whack from CineFlare. This $49 plugin emulates the process of lens whacking which is detaching the lens from a DSLR and holding it close to the camera body. This results in differential focus, distortions and aberrations.