free effect friady 2

Another roundup of the free effects for FCPX and Motion that have been published over the last couple of weeks. There's a lot of them too ranging from utility plugins, transitions and templates. 

First up is colour correcting comparison utility plugin called Grade Bin from Lawn Road. This week they have also released two commercial products.

'Select up to 9 grades and display them individually or display them in 2, 4, 6 and 9 Up configurations. You can also view a split between Grades 1 and 2.'



Idustrial Revolution have been busy and of course started the #freeeffectfriday hashtag. They have released two free plugins over the last fortnight.

Bounce Strips is a free transition that comprises of four strips of video or an image that bounce on each other after dropping from the top of frame due to gravity.


Screen Pump will be of interest especially to gamers as it makes the creation of 'Screen Pumps' as simple as dragging and dropping a title effect onto the timeline. No more slicing, dicing and keyframing! It's also good for anybody who wants to add a punch or beat to video.


Regular Forum contributor Deyson Ortiz has published a template that will be handy if you are editing for a retail customer. It's called 'Your Super Sale.'

'This template for Final Cut X and Motion 5 is made to announce your next big sale or event, simply customize the text to whatever you need. There are 4 templates included, 1 with a drop zone, 1 with no drop zone and each with a no motion blur version for faster renders.'


And last but certainly not least is a list of free plugins from Forum Contributor David Walsh AKA NocoDave. They are all published with links on our free effects & template section of the Forum, but we will give you a list here too.

Digital Effect Artist

iOS Camera Effect

Frame Rate Emulator

Letterbox Animator

Aged Textures

Light Sweep

Luma Mask

We weren't joking about it being a #freeeffectfriday! Thank you to all the contributors and we hope our users enjoy all the free effects.