ripple jumps

We love seeing what the Ripple Training guys release next as they come up with very innovative products for FCPX. Their latest plugin is called Jumps.

We have all had to animate a map showing how somebody or some thing has travelled across the world. The new Ripple Jumps transition plugin from Ripple Training will make life a lot easier and a lot quicker. Even better news is that the plugin  is priced at $49, but is reduced down to $29 until Thursday July 4th.

The plugin is a transition which moves from one location to another by flying across one of the pre-loaded or user supplied maps. The transitions can be in 2D or 3D and points of interest as well as a line that plots the travel can be added. All are movable by on screen controls.

The best way of seeing what the plugin can do is to actually see it in action!


As you can see there is a lot of flexibility built into Jumps. Mark Spencer from Ripple Training has made this detailed tutorial on using the plugin in FCPX.



Ripple Jumps is distributed using the FxFactory plugin management system so as you probably will know by now, there is a free watermarked trial available.