may plugin wrap

It's the second week in May and the new plugins keep rolling out. In this update we have three new plugins and an update of an old favourite.

The FCPX ecosystem keeps on expanding! This week has seen three new plugins launched by four (yes four) companies and new features added to an existing colour correction plugin.

First up is Frame Fixer, a $29 plugin from Crumplepop that has been designed to fix horizons that weren't level when shot on a GoPro. It's a one function utility that has one slider that will rotate the horizon and compensate by adding the correct amount of zoom to lose the edges.


HyColour PRO has been a popular plugin for colour grading for editors that aren't too keen on the built in tools in FCPX. One of the USPs of the plugin is the one click white balance. The $45 plugin has been updated with new features such as reference sample, colour tinting, instant monochrome and a widescreen filter.


Fordee has published free effects on our Forum and has a range of budget plugins for sale on his site. New is Mimic Plus, a $25 effect that offers mirror effects.

Fordee gave us the 'blurb.'

'The Mimic Plus effect enables you to create awesome mirrored clips that can be applied to both pictures and video. You can control the effects angle, position, source offset, global position, rotation and scale. You can mimic and duplicate the effect to enable unlimited possibilities. You have the ability to add a divider, control it’s width, color and opacity. You can turn off Repeat Edge Pixels while enabling a solid background whose color is selectable as well.'


And finally, a joint venture between three companies, Stupid Raisins, Cineflare and Noise Industries. The new plugin is called Title Pop and is a $49 pack of customisable animated titles.