In all the speculation about FCPX, nobody has mentioned about third party audio plugins. There is the rumour of Soundtrack Pro being incorporated, but what about being able to install specialist plugins that can do tasks like precision compressing or transient noise reduction? What tools could be available?

Final Cut Pro has lacked some professional audio features for a while now. The compressor for example isn't great and the GUI is hardly intuitive, it has served us well though over seven years of outputting broadcast productions. We have seen how roundtripping via Soundtrack Pro can remove background noise, but doing that for every clip is a pain and we don't want to get to picture lock just yet either.

So one of our hopes for FCPX is the ability to install third party audio plugins that do specific tasks well. We came across this interview of Marie Ebbing & Jonathon Stevens using reNOVAtor by Algorithmix and were blown away by how easy it was to remove incidental background noise from audio tracks. We didn't know until today that there are two types of background noise: broadband such as hiss, hum e.t.c and transient such as coughs, car horns and squeaky chairs!