Lumberjack magic keywords fcpx

We finally got to know what Philip Hodgett's new secret feature was for Lumberjack. Magic Keywords parses transcripts to automatically generate keywords and keyword ranges for Final Cut Pro X.

As we have said before, metadata is hardly the sexiest side of post production, but it is one area that can remove a lot of the drudge work of organising media and thus save money.

Philip Hodgetts from Intelligent Assistance is a metadata guru and he's just announced that Magic Keywords have been added to the Lumberjack logging system. No, not abracadabra, (although that would make a great name for a product!) Magic Keywords take a transcript and automatically generate an XML that will provide keywords and keyword ranges on clips in FCPX.

The holy grail of automatic tagging of keywords in an interview is a way off yet. For this to work, an interview for example still has to be transcribed- we have often thought about sending out a low resolution proxy for a third party to do this. Check out how many people will transcribe video for just five dollars!

Philip has produced this screen recording showing Lumberjack and Magic Keywords in action -



Want to know more? Take a look a this video from last year's FCPWORKS presentations at NAB 2015.