color cone picture instruments

Just when you thought you had got your head around the Color Board, along comes the Color Cone from Picture Instruments. Before you dismiss the idea, the company was one of the first to offer LUTs to video editors. And we all know what has happened since then!

Do we need more colour correction options? There seem to be many, many plugins out there that range from a one click white balance right through feature and price ranges up to three wheel style grading.

Picture Instruments was the first company that we knew of that offered tools to build your own LUTs. As you can see from an article back in early 2014, we had to resort to Wikipedia to find out what a LUT was. They even have 50 free LUTs on their website that you can download, although you will need a third party application such as Color Grading Central's LUT Utility to use them in FCPX.

Robin © from Picture Instruments has let us know about his new product that features the 'Color Cone.' But why a cone and not a board or wheels?

"In the case of Color Cone, Picture Instruments relies on the HCL color model, which is displayed in the shape of a bicone in the software. Comparing this model to the very common and widely used HSV color model it immediately becomes apparent that the HCL color model only allows for saturations in highlights and shadows that actually exist. As a matter of fact, in the case of 0% or 100% luminance there exists no color saturation anymore, even if other color models allow it."

Color Cone exists as a $189 standalone application at the moment. Robin is however looking to bring the technology to custom plugins for video editing and that's where you can help.

To get Color Cone on Final Cut Pro X, please tick the box in the questionnaire. (No other information needed.)


Still a bit confused? Picture Instruments has published two videos that help show how Color Cone works. Will it catch on? We don't know, but the company has a proven track record of making products before the main body of plugin developers catch on.