alphadogs colour correction

This video from Terence Curran explaining the basics of colour correction got us thinking. How do you colour correct in FCPX?

When we watched Terence from Alphadogs in the video we thought of a few things. First of all, it was good to see somebody explain the basics about colour correction and the wipes are pretty cool. His video is one all editors should have up their sleeves to show to clients what is needed sometimes to fix their incorrectly shot video. We have all had footage from cameramen who haven't changed the filter going in or out of a building!



It also made us wonder what methods FCPX editors use to colour correct their footage. The Color Board? a dedicated colour correction plugin or maybe a pack of 'looks' plugins.

We admit to not disliking the Color Board. It has its faults, but for simple corrections it is fast and easy to use. We are also slightly wary of relying on third party plugins as if you move a project, you will have to move the plugin set as well.

Could Apple improve the colour correction in FCPX? Of course they could and we are sure that somewhere on the roadmap, somewhere in the future, the addition of curves is planned. Will a three-way style mode return?  Unlikely, but a reinstatement  of the colour picker for automatic white and back levels would be appreciated, especially if the results could be tweaked on the color board afterwards. We have had mixed results with automatic analysis and balance.

So what do people like?

For serious colour correction once picture lock has been established there is the option of putting your sequence through Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve.

HyColour & HyColour Pro seem to get good reviews from satisfied users. Priced at $25 and $45 respectively, they won't break the bank either.


Finally, if you like a more heads-up experience, then take a look at the $49 Hawaiki Color plugin which is part of the FxFactory range of plugins.


So over to you, how do you colour correct in Final Cut Pro X? We are looking forward to reading the comments below!