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TOPIC: Kaleidoscope: 3D generator

Kaleidoscope: 3D generator 09 Jan 2017 12:37 #84689

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During the making of "The Watch" presentation vimeo.com/170873082 I built a 3D kaleidoscope.


It was built with a simple replicator, the hardest thing was to make it a useful FCPX generator. Now its development is in a satisfactory level, and I think it is time to make it available. The published parameters allow us to obtain numerous variants of form and color. After the usual adjustments, we find:


Themes: A choice of four materials: Amber - Bubble - Sardinia - Rainbow
Inner light: Two level, for Adding the brightness if necessary

Variations: Change the position of the “Anchor Point”

X.Shear: Produce a strain of the character shape

Radius: Change the radius of the replicator

Units: The number of elements in the replicator

Text: The kaleidoscope can be constituted either by a character or words. The choice will affect the shape

Viewpoint: This Kaleidoscope is 3D object and the variation of the observation point causes a change of the shape
or the vision of the characters that compose it. In Char front or Back you can use it as a title generator.

Deep: Is the amount of extrusion of the character.


This list is a compromise to keep the Kaleidoscope quite simple. But those who want to be more daring, I suggest to change the setting of materials applied to the “Unit” from single to multiple , or enter the rotation of Y axis for the Kaleidoscope Group. I used these variations in the demo movie.

Unzip the attachment and put the “Kaleidoscope” folder in User / Your name / Movies / Motion Templates/ Generators / Pielle.
Remember : Test with characters and symbols shape


Video link : vimeo.com/198266890
Have good fun Pielle
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Kaleidoscope: 3D generator 09 Jan 2017 16:31 #84699

You're pushing the limits with each of your projects, Pielle - AWESOME!

… had some, perhaps crazy association:

Do you know Sam Mestman, one of the TopTen FCPX 'gurus' in the world and owner/creator of the JELLYFISH/lumaforge.com - a superfast server for network use of FCPX…

What about contacting him? … - some of your examples are very 'jellyfishy' to me - perhaps, you could create him a logo, a 'launch animation', a screensaver, whatsoever…???

What I mean: Kaleidoscope has absolutely commercial quality, and made with FCPX/Motion - if THAT is no good promo…

… when I'm done with my project, I'll try to add some audio-behaviours to it - then it gets psychedelic LOL!

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Kaleidoscope: 3D generator 10 Jan 2017 13:15 #84728

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Thanks Pielle, this is INCREDIBLY impressive! As I sit here and try and take it apart to figure out how you did this...all I can say is...well...someday, when I grow up, I hope to be able to do exactly what you are able to do. :) B) :ohmy:

Thanks for sharing.
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