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TOPIC: Q-KIN - free gradient filters for FCPX

Q-KIN - free gradient filters for FCPX 08 May 2017 10:00 #87889

// dl, unzip and drag into ~/Movies/Motion Templates/Effects //

Yea, I know, I know - all that can be accomplished with the existing Colour-Correction Tools of FCPX, there’s no need for a plug-in.

This is a ‘left-over’, I did it for a friend, coming from ye’ ol’ goo’ analogue days… And he’s more comfortable with an interface he knows…

So, after dragging Q-KIN onto your clip, you’ll notice an OnScreenController.
With that, you can position and ‘turn’ the gradient filter.


Checking the ‘spectrum’ box in the Inspector, pops-up a tiny graphic, telling you what colour has what number.
(Don’t forget to un-check before export/share!)


If the filter is too small, just scale it.


Finally, you can keyframe and ‘stack’ it, in case you need several gradients.


Enjoy Movie Making!
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