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TOPIC: Grouped timeline options

Grouped timeline options 08 Aug 2019 09:11 #100785

Hi all,
Long time viewer, first time caller; I've been perusing these boards for ages now whenever I need a spot of help so thank you to all the great contributors on here.

I registered because I've a specific query that I can't seem to find an answer to through search, possibly because I'm not describing it well enough. FCP has a behaviour in Multicam editing in which changing an angle on a linked clip (as in not in the main storyline), it puts the whole Multicam into a grouped clip. To remove it, I have to click remove from storyline (even though it was originally attached to storyline, not on the main storyline). It's the same behaviour as when yo add a transition to a clip off the main storyline - it puts it into a grouped clip. Is there any way of stopping this happening both in the Multicam and when adding a transition?
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