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TOPIC: Posting FCPX videos as webpage backgrounds

Posting FCPX videos as webpage backgrounds 23 Jan 2019 17:55 #98640

How do you create a video background for a webpage that doesn't take too long to load and looks clear? I am trying to run an 11-second video loop to play as a background to my webpage. The problem is for this video, which is hosted on YouTube, to show up as a background on my website in a way that it will quickly load and reliably play. I do not want it to take more than a second or two to load and the video to start. I want the video quality to look good (not blurry or granular, or choppy) on a large format such as the entire screen or a big portion of the viewer's screen. Note that the format I've created my file in using Final Cut Pro has been the 720p, with a resolution of 1280 x 720. For my 11 second video, FInal Cut Pro X creates this into a 17 MB file when using the 720p sharing option. Unfortunately this file is not properly loading and playing on my website, even after 25 seconds of waiting nothing shows up. I'm assuming this is because the file size is too large or the video is in the wrong format. However, I've seen videos over 1 minute long play in the background of other websites with no delay to load and with very clear picture. Any idea how to solve this problem?
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