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TOPIC: Terrible Performance with Simple FCPX Title

Terrible Performance with Simple FCPX Title 16 Nov 2018 23:45 #97734


I have a Motion title I use on a frequent basis for work. It’s a very simple title - just some text with a white rectangle shape behind it that is bound to the height and width of the text with Link behaviours, and is bound to the position of the text with an Align To behaviour. The white rectangle has a drop shadow.

Here’s how it looks in Motion and FCPX. In FCPX, I’ve put it in the context I usually use it: imgur.com/a/VA5L8VF

For whatever reason, performance with the title is just terrible. I’ve turned off all of the advanced rendering options (shadows, reflections, etc.) under render, and I’ve tried assessing the performance without the drop shadow, but no matter what I do I still get terrible performance - about 10 to 15 FPS playback inside of Motion, and very stuttery playback inside of FCPX, including very slow exports.

I’ve tried disabling the aforementioned rendering features, and I see equally poor performance with this project in a title exported at 720p/10fps. I’ve also recreated this effect by applying the same behaviours to a shape mask attached to a simple 500x500px white box (not a shape in Motion) and have observed the same very poor performance.

It seems like the addition of the behaviours is what’s causing the performance issues - if I turn off all of the behaviours, I get playback at the project framerate.

The title has been exported at 1080p/29.97, and I’m working off of a 2017 15 inch MBP, with a BlackMagic eGPU (580 Pro) attached. I’m on Motion 5.4.2, FCPX 10.4.4, and Mac OS 10.14.1. I work with much, much more visually complex stuff off of this computer in FCPX and Motion and get perfectly smooth playback and very fast renders, so these performance issues with such a simple little template are befuddling.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to achieve better performance? Maybe there’s a way to achieve a similar title without crippling performance issues?

Thanks for any advice!
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Terrible Performance with Simple FCPX Title 17 Nov 2018 04:25 #97739

in older versions of Motion, I noticed performance issues with the then new Attach-To behavior, esp. when 'stacking' an Attach-To to another element which is Attached-To something…

Bt that was fixed, afaik …

Test, if that is the culprit.-

For a simple text-box, I see no need for using that behavior … (?)
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Terrible Performance with Simple FCPX Title 22 Nov 2018 23:31 #97916

Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough before - the Align To behaviour is used to keep the white box around the text to frame it. Here’s a video to demonstrate:

I don’t think Align To is the culprit - when I disable it within Motion, I don’t see much better performance. I really think I just need to implement this text-in-box effect in a totally different manner, but I just can’t think of anything.

Apologies for the late response!
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Terrible Performance with Simple FCPX Title 23 Nov 2018 00:06 #97917

  • Andreas Kiel
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You may try my free "TextUp Caption" which comes along with one of my apps.
There is no installer since the app itself is the installer.
After launching the app for one time you'll find the titles under Titles/Spherico/Basic Subtitles.
There is an additional effect installed: Effects/Spherico/Text Box Border

Using both together makes you pretty flexible.
For the "TextUp (Caption)" title set the background opacity to 0.1 to use the "Text Box Border".
In inspector the default "Outline Distance" is set to 0. This will create a text box with rounded edges. This effect can be changed globally other than with title backgrounds.
If you set the "Outline Distance" to a value > 0 you'll get an outline.
Play around with different settings.
We had no performance problems even with hundreds of titles.

Download here:
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Terrible Performance with Simple FCPX Title 26 Nov 2018 18:40 #97974

Thanks so much Andreas! That works perfectly. Great performance.
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