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TOPIC: FCPX Roundtrip, or Editing in Resolve?

FCPX Roundtrip, or Editing in Resolve? 23 Sep 2018 00:08 #97150

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I find that this is the only forum where I get consistently good answers online, so want to ask it anyway.

If you want to take your color grade to the next level, Resolve seems like the way to go.

Is it better to edit in FCPX and then do the round-trip into Resolve for the grade?


Just learn to edit in Resolve and then you can do it all in the same place?

Very interested to hear from some of the pros here.

Thank you !

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FCPX Roundtrip, or Editing in Resolve? 23 Sep 2018 01:56 #97154

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Well, I do TV shows, and never use Resolve. I do everything inside FCPX. Between the built-in color tools, PaintX and Chromatic, I've never had to leave FCPX. Now that I'm using Cinema Color I'm even more happy staying inside FCPX.

If you do have a reason you must go to Resolve for grading, then yes, you have to decide where to do your editing. I'd recommend editing inside of Resolve and seeing if you like the workflow or not. If so, stay inside of it. If not, stick with FCPX. What you're asking is very subjective to the individual editor.
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FCPX Roundtrip, or Editing in Resolve? 23 Sep 2018 03:46 #97156

  • Francois
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I am quite "old school" I like doing the creative editing (off lining ) in FCPX, it is very pleasant to work with and in most situation FCPX grading tools plus complementary Colour correction apps can very well do an excellent finishing,
Sometimes however storytelling requires relighting, focusing and advance grading techniques that's when I prefer round tripping to RESOLVE, it requires experimenting to develop a safe production workflow so that you know what is transferred or not.
For now, I could not do happy creative editing in RESOLVE, but I will do touch up there, I just can not go back to tracks, it feels like going back to using rewinds, synchronizers and Moviolas granted without leader splicing. RESOLVE is among the 4 best advance colour grading software there are. You can even see "Denver Riddle"pitching "Cinema Grade" in front of a full RESOLVE Panel that can only be used with that software...
Chromatic, Color finale and now Cinema Grade are excellent companion to FCPX colour tools and can do a great job for most productions , so unless you need to do complex colour grading or work with rich image sequences I would stay in FCPX plus grading effects.
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FCPX Roundtrip, or Editing in Resolve? 23 Sep 2018 10:05 #97158

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My answer is biased. I am a believer when it comes to FCP and footage organisation and editing. There is this - valid - argument that some would prefer tracks because they fit the way they think. That’s an approach for those who have no concept in advance and experiment and make up their minds as they go along. If you tend to vaguely know what you want to achieve, there is nothing better than a magnetic timeline, and you should avoid tracks. That’s it.

I used to use Resolve for CC. Nothing wrong with that, the protocols for safe roundtripping are sufficient and well documented. You won’t need Resolve anymore though. There may be some functions that are still better, but one has to decide if they are worth the additional workflow steps. In my view: no longer.
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