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TOPIC: Copy MC clip range from Browser that matches parent clip in timeline?

Copy MC clip range from Browser that matches parent clip in timeline? 20 Jul 2018 21:59 #96422

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Periodically an editor will accidentally use a parent clip instead of the multicam clip. However the parent clip doesn't have good audio or the other angles available. I don't want to visually frame match the MC clip then add that to the timeline -- it's too laborious.

What is the best approach to "back find" from a parent clip in the timeline the matching MC clip range so it can replace the parent clip? Here is what I do, but there must be a better way. I appreciate any suggestions:

(1) Skim parent clip in the timeline and observe timecode of start.
(2) Open MC clip from Browser and skim to same timecode for that angle. Note that must not be the monitoring angle, else it will display to MC clip timecode, not the constituent clip's timecode.
(3) Once the clip's timecode is found, mark that.
(4) Put the playhead on that marker and read the equivalent MC clip timecode
(5) Back out of the MC clip using timeline history and return to main timeline.
(6) Use Range tool to select clip in timeline for destination of 3-point edit
(7) In Event Browser, skim to the MC clip timecode obtained in step 4
8. Mark In point which defines starting point of 3-point edit.
(9) Do a Q (connected clip) edit to add the MC clip range on top of the parent clip in the timeline marked by range.
(10) Verify sync by toggling MC clip on/off with V key. If necessary disable intervening clips in the stack.
(11) Once sync is verified, delete parent clip from timeline and if needed move the MC clip down in the stack.
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