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TOPIC: Looking for a plug-in

Looking for a plug-in 17 Jul 2018 23:09 #96401


I'm looking for a plugin like the picture attached where you can add rows and columns, split a row, change colors, add table lines, etc. If some one can direct me to where I could find this plugin, it would be greatly appreciated. I've searched the net but I'm just not finding what I'm looking for.


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Looking for a plug-in 18 Jul 2018 06:07 #96402

Welcome, Chris, to fcp.co :)

unfortunately, me either not aware of such a plug-in.
To rebuild your example… that's done in minutes. BUT…

…the 'flexible' , customizable part, "adding rows & columns" plus centering text into each box, or that 'diff columns per row'… tried a few things in Motion, Replicators, nil-objects, yadda-yadda … nope, no idea. But there are smarter folks on this board than me … maybe?

Any spreadsheet app offers this layout functionality… no idea how to adopt that in Motion.

As a first workaround: you could create each layout as individual generator: 2 rows/2 columns, 3 rows/2 columns, 4 rows/2 columns, and: a fix layout (width, font-size) would make things easier… sounds like tinkering :woohoo:
or, mentioned Spreadsheet.apps: create your insert in Numbers, Excell, gDocs,… export as png, add to your project...... hm, even more tinkering LOL

The 'Sports' templates I know, come with a fix design/layout…

sorry for being no help.
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